Thursday, September 18, 2008

Why We Crave Horror Movies By Stephen King

Reading this made me think of our discussion we had in class last Friday on the view of society when it came to violence. It made me change my view to say that it is not society that romanticizes violence but individuals.I agree with Stephen King, “But anticivilization emotions don’t go away, and they demand periodic exercise.” Deep down, those bad natures like being mean are pushed down and horror movies are one of the many ways to release it.
Stephen King also goes with another theory that perhaps we are all mentally ill, that “If we share a brotherhood of man, then we also share an insanity of man.” I will also have to agree with him on this. I know I talk to myself when I get mad. Moreover, most of those who we consider some of the smartest men in history where viewed as insane at some point.
I really enjoyed this essay. Stephen King uses it to protect his reasoning for his horror books and movies by telling everyone ‘Hey, I’m just letting out my humanistic feelings in a civilize way.’ Not really in those words but it’s the general idea. “It is true that the mythic, “Fairy-tale” horror film intends to take away the shades of gray….It urges us to put away our more civilized and adult penchant for analysis and to become children again, seeing things in pure black and whites. It may be that horror movies provide psychic relief…” Overall, this essay reminded me of another essay that Stephen King wrote that I can’t think of the name of, but it was comparing his horror films with fairy tales.

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rachel groening said...

This is true we all glorify violence and even though some of us say we dont, deep down part of us feels differently and watch horror movies to let that deep dark side we all have inside us. Stephen King did a great job describing that we all have this deep side inside us that is really the violent side. I agree with what cori has said.